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Did You Know?

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The name of our business comes from 

It’s as simple as the name suggests. We know our luxury nut porridges will give you a great start to your day, and our brand name reflects just that. ‘Up’ is feeling perky as you get ready to start your day. ‘Mellow’ is feeling relaxed and in a great mood as you taste the pleasantly smooth, rich, soft and fruity flavours of our nuts-based porridge range.


A Taste of Jamaica

Our Peanut Porridge has its origins from Founder Monique's birthplace Jamaica and is the prototype of our product range of nuts and fruit porridges. The Jamaican Peanut Porridge is prepared by stove/cooker and can take up to 30 minutes to prepare. The Jamaican Peanut Porridge also has milk as an ingredient. 

Our porridge pots take 2 minutes to prepare and are easy to have anytime anywhere; they are also dairy free.


We are Innovative

  • All our products are 100% vegan

  • All our products are 100% dairy free

  • We make everything by hand

  • Our products are made from premium ingredients

  • You won't find nut-based ready-to-eat luxury porridges anywhere else on the market

  • We are an eco brand

  • We support our local community

Cashew and Mango Love.png


Our Best Seller is ....

We have not just one but two best sellers:

- Cashew Nut Porridge

- Cashew Nut & Mango Porridge


Here's What Our Consumers Say

  • The taste is delicious!

  • Your porridge is really easy to make

  • Your porridge flavours are pleasantly smooth, nutty and fruity!​

  • Your porridges are very yummy


The Latest Trend

We are proud trendsetters of:

  • Healthy living

  • Ethical living

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