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  • How Long Does It Take To Make Up 'N' Mellow Nuts and Fruit Porridges?
    Ready in 2 minutes. Just add boiling water. For further details on Instructions to Use our products, please check out our Shop page.
  • Is Up ’N’ Mellow Nut Porridge Range Organic?
    Yes, our porridges are all made from natural, plant-based ingredients. This means they are suitable for vegans and a dairy free option for anyone who have an allergy to milk products. For further details on the ingredients in our products, please check out our Shop page.
  • How does Up ’N’ Mellow Nuts Porridge help my diet?
    Our porridge pots are a massive energy boost, keeping you filled and energetic throughout the day. They are healthy and organic, made from all natural ingredients and are sources of protein and/or fibre. In addition, our porridge pots are delicious products, easy to prepare (takes only 2 minutes) and you can have them on the go anytime anywhere! Check out our Shop page for more details on each product.
  • What are the Health benefits of Up ’N’ Mellow Nuts Porridges
    Nuts are healthy and organic nutrient-rich foods and our nuts porridges are sources of fibre and/or protein nutrients.
  • What makes Up 'N' Mellow a Premium Brand
    Our healthy, organic and delicious products are made from Tree Nuts namely, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts, Almond Nuts, Pecan Nuts and Walnuts. Tree Nuts generally have a Premium Cost as they are natural ingredients that cannot be manufactured in a factory or lab. In addition, our tree nuts cannot be planted just anywhere - our Peanuts come from China, our Cashew Nuts are from Vietnam, our Almond Nuts are from USA, our Pecan Nuts are from Mexico and our Walnuts are from China. Our tasty and nutritious Nut & Fruit range products are made with fruity mango pieces, which come from Burkina Faso.
  • Where does the name Up 'N' Mellow come from
    It’s as simple as the name suggests. We know our luxury nut porridges will give you a great start to your day, and so our brand name reflects just that. What we mean by ‘Up’ is feeling perky as you get ready to start your day. By ‘Mellow’ we mean you’ll feel relaxed and in a positive mood as you taste the pleasantly smooth, rich, soft and fruity flavours of our nuts-based porridge range.
  • Why Should I Choose Nuts Porridge Over Oats Porridge?
    Are you: - Vegan - A Nuts Lover - Lactose Intolerant - Tropical Fruitarian If you have answered yes to one, two, three or all of the above then our porridge pots are the right choice for you!
  • What Does Nut Porridge Give Me That Oat Porridge Doesn’t?
    The main ingredient for all our porridge flavours is their nut variety. Nuts are a nutrient-rich food and all our porridge pots are sources of fibre and/or protein. Each of our porridge pot not only offers you a healthy, organic and delicious meal, they give you a massive energy boost too as they keep you filled and energised throughout the day.
  • What makes Up ’N’ Mellow Porridge Brand different from other Brands?
    The main ingredient in our porridges are the nuts they contain; the main ingredient for other brands is oats. Our porridges are all handcrafted with premium ingredients, including a warming and fragrant selection of spices. This gives our range of porridges that special high-quality luxury taste that consumers are looking for. On average our porridge pots provide more contents in volume than other brands.
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