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       Welcome to Up 'N' Mellow

Here at Up 'N' Mellow, we are a premium brand that makes luxury ready-to-eat nuts-based porridges.


Our variety of nuts and fruit porridges are healthy, organic and nutritious. With 10 exciting flavours to choose from, our porridges are the perfect start to your day and brilliant for any occasion.


Great for breakfast, post-school run, mid-morning and afternoon snack, break-time, to take on a hike or for post-run/gym workout, before bed or as night time treats. Great substitute for toast, snack bars and oats-based porridge too.​​


100% vegan and organic, our nuts-based porridges are hand-crafted with premium ingredients to give you that massive energy boost you need to be at your best all day.  

Where does Up 'N' Mellow come from?

A Premium Brand that Will Transport You to Jamaica from the UK

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Our premium brand and product range is of Jamaican origins and produced in the UK.

We are a Ready-To-Eat brand of luxury nut-based porridges.

Simply as our brand name Up 'N' Mellow suggests, our healthy, organic and delicious range is made to give you a great start to your day - each porridge pot will keep you feeling perky, relaxed and in a great mood all day. All while treating you to a splendid variety of pleasantly smooth, rich, soft and fruity flavours. 

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Why Choose Nut Porridge over Oats Porridge?

The Benefits Of Our Nutty Porridges 

  • 10 exciting flavours to choose from that you won't find anywhere else on the market

  • All packed with protein and/or fibre nutrients

  •  Suitable for vegans, with all plant-based ingredients

  • Made dairy free for those with an allergy to milk products. 

  • Massive energy booster: Keeps you filled and energised throughout the day

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What's the Range? 

A match made in heaven for the Nuts Lover, Tropical Fruitarian, Vegan and Lactose Intolerant

Cashew and Mango Love.png

Our variety of porridge flavours are:


  1. Peanut Porridge

  2. Cashew Nut Porridge

  3. Almond Nut Porridge

  4. Pecan Nut Porridge

  5. Walnut Porridge

  6. Peanut & Mango Porridge

  7. Cashew Nut & Mango Porridge

  8. Almond Nut & Mango Porridge

  9. Pecan Nut & Mango Porridge

  10. Walnut & Mango Porridge

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Ready, Set, Go!

So Many Ways To Make Our Up 'N' Mellow Porridge Work For You


 - Easy to Prepare:

  • Ready in just 2 minutes

- Have On-the-Go Anytime Anywhere:​

  • Not only for Breakfast but

  • At Work

  • After a School Run 

  • As a Mid-morning / Afternoon Snack 

  • Take it on a Hike/ Post-Run/Gym Workout/ Bike Ride 

  • Before bed

  • As a Night Time Snack

  • A great substitute for toast, snack bars, oat-based porridge, you name it!

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Try our range of delicious nut porridges!

Nut Range

Have you tried our range of nut and fruit porridges?

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Nut & Fruit Range


Our Consumers Say

Senior Woman
“Absolutely love your porridge. The taste was delicious. The fact that they are vegan too is great. My partner is dairy intolerant so this porridge pot would appeal to her. "


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